Change Maturity Accelerator

Has your change been more chaotic, stressful and costly than it needs to be?

Organisations can find that while change management mechanisms exist, the change delivery has been inconsistent, inefficient and lacking in the required quality to harness essential support and adoption. We can support you in uplifting and accelerating your ‘Change Maturity’ and agility to respond to change.

Our program will help you to be better equipped to lead and manage organisational change in a way that will:

  • Maximise value returned on existing change initiatives
  • Minimise disruption to BAU activities now and in the future
  • Improve employee engagement, culture change and strategic commitment
  • Improve talent management outcomes, including attraction and retention of passionate high-performers
  • Drive optimal organisational adoption and support for change


Organisations that need to rapidly improve change capability at the enterprise or portfolio level.

Tap into our deep expertise

We apply our Change Intelligence Maturity framework™ to analyse and examine what is currently taking place, comparing it against best practice, and then provides recommendations on how to lift the change maturity and agility of your organisation.


Blue Seed’s Change Intelligence Maturity Framework™


What do you get?

  • A structured, data-driven assessment of your baseline organisational change capabilities and maturity against our 7 Change Maturity Elements
  • An organisational heat map and leader action plans tailored to the individual needs of different business divisions
  • Clear, actionable roadmap and resourcing plan, focussing on ‘quick wins’ for accelerated maturity development
  • Change management governance structure, with key forums established
  • Pilot program established to introduce and test immediate benefits and results

Learn more about how we solve your change challenges

Our suite of change diagnostic tools is designed to rapidly assess your business environment and provide the framework for successful outcomes.