Change Readiness Accelerator

Change Readiness Accelerator

Change is the new normal. The difference is that it’s happening faster.

The Blue Seed Change Readiness Accelerator rapidly gets results when change needs to move fast. We will leave you ready for change and set up for success.

What can you expect as a result of the Change Readiness Accelerator?

  • Confidence, structure and clarity in a short timeframe (4-6 weeks)
  • Uplifted Change Capability and aligned and equipped key leaders to be successful in managing the change
  • Insights into the change needs and impacts, recommendations, actionable plans and tools for managing the change
  • Less stress about the detail and complex change; we take that on for you!


Organisations that need change confidence, structure and clarity on project or program level.

Need to lift the outcomes of your change programs?

The Change Readiness Accelerator focuses on 9 proven Change Success Factors that touch on all aspects of organisations.

These 9 factors are distilled from knowledge and insights garnered from delivering to many clients across many industries.

What do you get?

Your team will receive a comprehensive Change Readiness Accelerator Report with recommendations, actionable plans and tools for managing the change. It includes:

  • Program vision, change definition and case for change
  • Key measures for success
  • Stakeholder overview and impact assessment
  • Key people risks
  • Assessment against the 9 Change Success Factors
  • Change approach including a communications approach, a summary of capability and training needs, a business readiness approach and change governance
  • Suggested change roadmap
  • Recommended resourcing

Learn more about how we solve your change challenges

Our suite of change diagnostic tools is designed to rapidly assess your business environment and provide the framework for successful outcomes.