Our Team

Our Team

We bring your organisation’s aspirations to life through Change done well, by design. Our vision is to inspire people to embrace the opportunities of change.

Meet our leadership team


Claire Clayton

Co-founder & Managing Director

Advisor, business leader and strategic provocateur

Blue Seed understand that change is never ‘one size fits all’. We guide the development of fit-for-purpose solutions through our extensive experience, delivering transformative results with an approach that’s right for every situation.



Dianne Saker

Director, Digital & Business Transformation

Leader, change strategist, specialist in transformational change

Highly regarded with an industry reputation for strategy, shaping and mobilising large scale transformational change



Huw Thomas

Principal Consultant

Thought leader, trusted advisor, strategic thinker

My passion is helping others see the wisdom and profit to be gained in changing themselves and their businesses and that with the right mentality, it can be enjoyable and exciting. I enjoy helping leaders execute against their toughest strategic challenges with the conviction and confidence to revitalise their business.


Ilona-Rabey WS

Ilona Rabey

Principal Consultant

Rapidly distils complex business challenges to build fit-for-purpose solutions

Passionate about energising people leaders to deliver and embed genuine change



Duncan Smith

Operations Director

The business side of the business

I enjoy the challenge of helping businesses grow and building capability to meet the dynamic pace of change. At Blue Seed, I have the additional benefit of working with some great people who really understand what change is and all that it brings.