Our Team

Our Team

With a commitment to excellence and a determination to help our clients embrace change, Blue Seed are a team of expert change management practitioners.

Understanding complex business environments, and how people respond to change, is at the core of our work. With smart thinking, empathy, planning and hard work, our team has successfully shaped the future of businesses across many industries and disciplines.

Meet our Leadership Team


Claire Clayton

Co-founder & Managing Director

Advisor, business leader and strategic provocateur

“Blue Seed understand that change is never ‘one size fits all’. We guide development of fit-for-purpose solutions through our extensive experience, delivering transformative results with an approach that’s right for every situation.”



Nicole van Barneveld

Principal Consultant

Strategist, leader, gets things done

”My experience encompasses business transformation and mergers, regulatory reform, systems integration, ERP implementation, technology projects, and facilities and corporate relocations. I take a practical, hands on approach to designing successful change strategies and delivering outcome-based change programs for businesses.”



Duncan Smith

Operations Director

Consultant, investor, listener.

“I enjoy the challenge of helping businesses grow and build capability to meet the dynamic pace of change. At Blue Seed I have the additional benefit of working with some great people who really understand what change is and all that it brings.

Eleanor Roosevelt said that ‘great minds discuss ideas’ and the work we are doing on the future of work and how organisations respond to the challenges of the fourth industrial revolution is inspiring.”


Our Spirit

Our purpose is to make the world more change capable, the way we do it is with spirit.

Whether you call it energy, culture or spirit, at Blue Seed we have a unique motivational ethos that fuels our team and inspires our clients.

We believe in empowering our clients to lead through, and beyond, transformational change.

We developed and pioneered the Change Intelligence, or CQ approach, which is the ability to adapt, lead and thrive in the face of disruption and change.

Wisdom, agility, collaboration, empathy and innovation are our spirit, and the DNA of what we, and CQ, stands for.

We have four guiding principles at the heart of who we are

Truth & Integrity

Our clients trust us, an honour we never take for granted. We’re honest and truthful in our actions as a team, and as a business partner. We value diversity and inclusion and ensure everyone has a voice and what they say will be respected.


We’re more than just a team, our passion makes us a family. Our optimistic and pragmatic approach creates a contagious and positive energy that itself, fuels a greater desire to challenge and succeed. With a little dose of quirkiness along the way.


We believe that anything is possible with a generosity of spirit. Taking risks, making mistakes and speaking out are embraced, because we’re all human. Being generous with ourselves, and others, is the only way. Work hard, be kind.


People will always remember how we made them feel, before what we did or what we said. Exceptional service and customer-centricity in our every action and interaction is what keeps our clients coming back. A smile costs nothing.


We have proud affiliations with industry partners.

Giving back

Blue Seed are all about positive change so we support a number of causes close to our hearts and happily do pro bono and volunteer work.