We are Blue Seed

Change Intelligence is both what we do and who we are.

Drawing on our deep expertise and hands-on experience of change management, we advance the complex ideas and challenges of change, into innovative and functional solutions and outcomes.

We are a people business

In partnership

We partner with forward-thinking leaders to listen, advise and co-create, making change happen collaboratively and quickly.

In business

We understand the complexities of facilitating change across diverse industries and teams.  Our deep expertise comes from running businesses and teams ourselves!

In balance

Our expert change consultants are selected for their skill, discipline and empathy.  We understand that change is challenging and everyone has a role to play in seamless change design and delivery.

How we work

We understand the human spirit.  When you work with us you’ll experience our total commitment to your successful change outcome. We work together with your teams (not from behind a desk) to meet every challenge head on, demanding excellence from ourselves every time.



We listen

Only in listening can we fully understand your change requirements, assessing and investigating the opportunities and challenges through conversation.


We challenge

We recognise the value of collective intelligence and have the expertise to bring the best talent together for a committed and effective co-design and delivery.


We co-create

Together with your teams, we clear away the clutter, generate insights and co-create the best way forward, seamlessly delivering the solution and giving you the skills to continue to thrive.

We go beyond

We deliver diagnostics, create training programs, run workshops, advise on portfolios, harness talent, mobilise change and much more, equipping our clients to thrive into the future without dependency on us.

We advise thoughtfully

We’re conscious that all situations are unique. We don’t have a ‘here’s one we prepared earlier’ approach, so from discretion to excitement, we recognise your individual needs.

We make an impact

Most of our growth is generated through referral and our lasting relationships with clients - both testaments to our measurable impact and our proven success.

Change with focus

We believe that everyone has a role to play within a changing organisation, and that nurturing talent and skills in the right area, is key to an integrated and successful change culture.

As your Change Intelligence Partners we work alongside you to harness the abilities of your own teams, discovering and empowering the Change Architects, Enablers and Makers, who will make your change transformation unique to your organisation and carry it forward to the future.


What is Change Intelligence?

Change Intelligence (CQ) is the ability to lead through disruption while applying a unique way of thinking, acting and being. CQ advances complex ideas into innovative outcomes with wisdom, courage, curiosity and discipline.

While the future is undoubtedly complex and uncertain, organisations must evolve their approach to be adaptable, relevant and successful whatever the future brings. We call this Change Intelligence, or CQ.

In times of change and disruption, it’s not enough to have a high IQ or EQ. What CQ demands is; organisational agility, maturity, evolved attitudes, approaches and behaviours.

As pioneers of CQ and your Change Intelligence partners, Blue Seed specialise in enabling exceptional change leadership and change delivery capability.