About Blue Seed

At Blue Seed, we are change experts.

We inspire people to embrace the opportunities of change.

Our consultants understand the necessity of constant organisational evolution and have devoted their lives to helping others navigate the uncertainty of change.

We do meaningful work that matters and unleash the amazing in our people.

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We focus on the people side of change

How change impacts your:

  • Employees
  • Leaders
  • Customers & communities

We believe change is most effective when

  • It is clearly defined, structured and consistent
  • Delivers business outcomes
  • Builds confidence

We design effective, sustainable change:

  • For and with peoples’ needs in mind
  • Grounded in process & governance to ensure accountability
  • Supported by tools for ongoing, self-guided implementation

About Blue Seed Consulting

Blue Seed is a market-leader in change management consulting in our 10th year of operation based in Australia. We specialise in the provision of end-to-end change management services, delivering our expertise through the assessment, design, delivery and measurement of change and transformation consulting services that fully facilitate the implementation of operational, technological and behavioural change.

We design effective and sustainable organisational transformation initiatives and bespoke change programs, for and with people’s needs in mind. We utilise organisational psychology principals and social learning theories to influence behaviour change and uncover opportunities to drive efficiencies both within the current environment and for the future.

We are not change generalists, we are specialists, driving outcomes through the management of change, providing our clients with fit-for-purpose and contemporary methodologies that are pragmatic and relevant for the industry, culture, strategy and operational maturity.

Our consulting operating model blends both traditional and modern elements to support the successful delivery of our capabilities to our clients, including essential elements such as; a defined reporting structure, accountabilities, procurement, governance, behaviours, processes and client relationship management. We provide clients with core services where executive advisory support is built into our solutions and bespoke services, to help clients build change resilience and meet the rapidly changing nature of their business needs and industry practices.

Our consulting approach is based on values and behaviours that underpin corporate partnerships, where we aim to achieve a long-term relationship with our clients based on trust without enabling dependence. We aim to build the capability of our clients so they can operate at improved performance levels without us.