Close work with teams helps media company takes stock ahead of merger


Close work with teams helps media company takes stock ahead of mergercasestudy-image

We were very happy with the quality of outputs and clarity created on change impacts and best plans that we gained through this change process

– Merger Team Director – May 2018


Our client is one of Australia’s most progressive media companies, with more than 2.8m subscribing households and a 22.8% metro share of all TV viewing. Our client was merging with a major content production company to achieve their vision of becoming the nation’s foremost provider of sport, drama, lifestyle, news and entertainment content. The impacts of the merger were split into two parts: the Day 1 impacts of the merger, particularly the enterprise-wide changes; and changes for Day 90, including the merging of some teams, moving to single systems across both entities and aligning processes.


Blue Seed Consulting was engaged to provide:

  • Change impact assessment
  • Input to communications plan and supporting materials
  • Heat map of change impacts and timeframes, for high-impacted areas
  • Consolidated view of change approach and progress for the Executive team
  • Systems roadmap
  • Change plan for each impacted team and system

The impact on people was at the core of this assessment and change management planning work to ensure the teams and systems were brought together smoothly with one view across the business.


Working closely with the client, our consultants provided expertise particularly in the areas of change impact assessment and change plan development; there was a need to engage heavily with stakeholders and spend time with affected teams and members of staff to gain a better sense of the future state during a period of flux. A clear assessment and plan were developed across each business unit and integrated into the broader project plan maintained by the internal Management Office, and details shared with the communications team for enterprise-wide messaging. By working closely with individual teams facing the greatest impact, fit-for-purpose change plans were created and well received. The client was happy with the quality of outputs and the clarity around the change and its effects that was gained through the process.