Cross-industry Private Health Insurance Regulatory Change in very short timeline


Cross-industry Private Health Insurance Regulatory Change in very short timelinecasestudy-image

The change work we undertook with Blue Seed has contributed to fundamentally change the way we approach each new development. The templates have provided great structure to do this and have contributed to some great results in subsequent pieces of work. So, we’re ahead of where we were.

Head of Employee Experience & Capability


This member-owned, mid-sized private health fund had experienced growth alongside industry and regulatory shifts, meaning organisational changes were needed quickly in order to remain competitive while providing a high level of service and product quality to members.


Blue Seed partnered with the CEO, executive team and heads of transformation and capability to develop a single view of change to bring clarity and confidence to all, including:

  • Mapping operational peaks to understand when change capacity was limited, then overlaying planned organisational changes to identify which parts of the business would be most impacted
  • Producing a final change map, with the executive team and senior leaders aligned to it, as well as recommending strategic change management actions, timings and impacts for each major project
  • Maturing change management governance, methodology and behaviours with a tailored framework and templates to enable project teams to identify change needs rapidly and comprehensively, then plan and execute change delivery at a faster rate.


By coaching and mentoring the executive team, we helped develop change leadership capability and create a clear view of all changes, how they impact the business and what planning decisions needed to be made to facilitate the planned volume and pace of change; the organisation was left equipped with reusable assets to support effective change delivery.