Strategically-aligned learning framework enables service workforce of the future


Strategically-aligned learning framework enables service workforce of the futurecasestudy-image


Service delivery issues, performance issues, site-specific failures and profit loss were attributed to fundamental gaps in the delivery of training to staff. The brief was to deep dive into the current state to confirm the best starting point and approach to improve training effectiveness for 2,000 team members. Based on this analysis, Blue Seed was engaged to develop a comprehensive training framework where there were limited existing structures or on the ground learning capability. The target audience was diverse and disparate with underlying language and literacy barriers.


A 4-week engagement that:

  • created an overarching capability framework developed around a set of client specific principles that built learning progressively over time, rather than as a one-off event immediately following Induction
  • built a competency assessment toolkit to track and monitor staff skills
  • created a heat map of skill gaps and a mechanism to tie strategic priorities with tactical training delivery on specific skills
  • prepared in-class and on-the-job materials in partnership with the training team that could be delivered in a pilot
  • developed a detailed procedure that structured the steps for training delivery and provided mechanisms to use training metrics to drive change
  • provided a 6 month implementation roadmap to integrate and embed the changes into operations, with Leaders playing a key ongoing role.


The frameworks, materials and procedures that were developed filled a significant gap in the training structure, providing a best practise model that was easy to implement for a series of client quick wins.

Our consultants have been ideally placed for this assignment by exhibiting:

  • strong project management, stakeholder management and design expertise
  • ability to build fit-for-purpose training management frameworks and toolkits in a short, focused engagement window
  • delivering quick wins to provide immediate value and momentum for the training team.

All signs are positive that the solution developed will have a direct impact on the strategic performance indicators that shaped the initial brief.