Change Adoption Accelerator

Change Adoption Accelerator

Do you want to get maximum ROI from your change program?

Not sure how well your change program has ‘stuck’?

Do you need to validate a successful change program?

Is there a lack of visibility of how change is landing across your organisation?

Unsure if you have the right resources, behaviours or culture to support adoption?

In the complex world of change, it’s not uncommon for things to go wrong.

Our skilled consultants provide hands-on action to revitalise and refocus your projects, both delivering and activating recommendations immediately, ensuring success for all stakeholders within a rapid timeframe.

When change gets stuck

If a change program has been implemented but the results haven’t shown either the ROI that was budgeted, or there’s a lack of visibility of its impact, you need the expertise to make sense of what’s happened and what you can do to get back on track.

Your Blue Seed change expert will assess the state of the change adoption from every angle. Whatever point in the change journey your organisation is in, we examine the why, what, when and how, to pinpoint what’s happening and what needs to be done to maximise the success and returns on your change program.

Following the investigative stage, we quickly move to ask the all-important question, “What can we do about it now?” Refocusing and reenergising the change effort on the most critical factors to deliver the business benefits and outcomes you need.


Projects that need to get back on track and deliver results fast

Get back on course

Your Change Adoption Accelerator Report

Our Change Adoption Accelerator approach has four key focus areas:

  • Assessing the current state of your change adoption, focusing on people and their behaviours, rather than systems and processes, and business success realisation
  • Identifying the most critical elements of change to address what will elevate your business benefits to the next level
  • A practical Change Roadmap to maximise value realisation and ROI
  • An actionable Adoption Accelerator Report with early actions ready to implement


  • Objective assessment against qualitative measures of success

  • Current status of change adoption success defined

  • Actionable recommendations delivered

  • Practical roadmap to get you back on track


  • Clarity around the status of change programs and their adoption challenges and risks

  • Objective confirmation of rapid change approaches and advice to refocus and redirect for maximum gain

  • Reset business benefits to realign with the current change context

  • Clear and confident leader-led plans to get your teams back on track

  • Realise greater project value and return on investment

“The Change Diagnostic piece undertaken by the Blue Seed team provided us with a wealth of information, insight and advice that we simply could not have attained from internal resources.  A worthwhile investment that helped us understand our specific change management requirements which gave our key stakeholders confidence in the plan and ultimately the success of the project.”

Program Business Lead, Large Health Care Client

“I engaged Blue Seed Consulting to assist with the development of a fit for purpose toolkit to uplift organisational change capability for individuals, leaders and projects. I was really pleased with the product which enables people to be accountable for change with the support of information, training and tools to lift confidence and capability.”

Acting GM Transformation, Large Health Care Client

“Blue Seed made an immediate impression with the ability to quickly understand the nature of the change associated with our initiative and produce an innovative and tailored change management strategy. Distinguishable is their ability to quickly forge effective relationships across all levels of our organisation, earning the trust and respect of everyone involved. This culminated in broad recognition across the project team and impacted business groups as to the importance of establishing and executing a quality change management program.”

Program Manager, Global Services Client

“Blue Seed were an amazing help on our project. Not only did they provide practical and relevant change management advice, they also assisted with the formation of the project and useful project management tools! The Blue Seed approach is not a one size fits all approach - they really got to know our business and tailored the techniques to suit the audience and the relevant situation. A wonderful help on a difficult project. ”

Project Lead, Sport and Entertainment Client

 “Blue Seed produced an excellent piece of work and I hadn’t expected something as concrete to be delivered in such a short timeframe. It was one of the best pieces of consulting work I have seen.“

Business Transformation Program – New Zealand Government

“Blue Seed have been brilliant, not only in the quality of their work, interactions, facilitation skills and outputs, but most importantly through their adaptability, flexibility and reliability. Their approach and style to building rapport with our organisation and its people and their ability to build relationships has allowed us to develop a deeper awareness and stronger desire for change and maintain traction.”

Assistant Commission, NSW Government

“Working with Blue Seed was a great experience for us. They combined a clarity of thought with a detailed understanding of best practises which was really useful.   They took time to understand the specific needs of our business and our existing values before making their recommendations. In terms of getting to grips with our issues, they showed some genuinely creative thinking and even the relatively small changes they suggested have made a profound difference to the level of service we are offering to our key clients.”

Managing Director, Media