Change Intelligence

Change Intelligence

November 28, 2018Change Leadership

Have you got what it takes to become Change Intelligent?

Imagine a workplace where technology enables (not hinders), flaws mean opportunities (not failures), and where leaders communicate regularly and authentically. Think it sounds too good to be true? That’s a Change Intelligent organisation, and it can be achieved with the right thinking and a bold approach.

Coping with the monumental and comprehensive process of change can be daunting, and that’s why we’ve set out six key elements of a Change Intelligent organisation.

This is a transformed way of working for the 21st century that when this philosophy is truly integrated it will help your organisation to become a thriving, adaptive, innovative, agile and unstoppable force.

Change Intelligence in Six Steps:

The core factors required are:

  1. A team-oriented mindset: This builds a culture where followership and follow-through are valued. The organisation collaborates across business units, sharing knowledge, ideas and resources and bringing to life the ideal of democratising change, enabling everyone in the organisation to play a role and contribute.
  2. Flexible operating models: Working models that rapidly adapt to change, and technology and processes enable, not hinder, so meaningful opportunities can be seized when they present themselves.
  3. Relentless passion for improvement: A culture of innovation prevails which invites mistakes and crazy ideas, and where failure is rewarded. Yes, rewarded! This creates a work environment that nurtures imagination and values intuition.
  4. Inspiring leaders: Leaders communicate regularly, visibly and authentically; they are inspired and inspire others. This drives a culture of innovation, urgency, excitement, future-focus, big goals and buy-in to the chief officer’s vision.
  5. Mature Talent management: A mature approach values employees and invests in them at every step of the chain: to attract, welcome on board, develop, measure, reward and retain the very best talent out there.
  6. 3D communication: Communication in ‘3D’ that runs both from the top down but also from the bottom up, through leaders and formal channels but also in every direction via open and honest collaboration networks. People are genuinely being heard and listening is a key skill.

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Can we support you?

It is your time to brace for the headwinds of change and use them to propel your organisation towards its future.  Now is the time to be bright and bold with a keen eye for exciting opportunity and with the right help, any organisation can truly embrace change… and the possibility of change intelligence is absolutely within reach. Read more about Blue Seed’s Change Intelligence approach.

We’re on a mission to make the world more change capable.  Our unique approach empowers organisations to create the best return on investment for their change efforts.

We’ve seen that the sooner an organisation is willing to identify and address their (human) change capability needs and gaps in detail, the quicker they will be likely to reap the rewards.

By the Blue Seed Practitioner team

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