Change Management as a Service

Change as a Service

Create structure, confidence and certainty by outsourcing your change management function to our team of experts.

Blue Seed’s innovative ‘Change-as-a-Service’ offering allows you to outsource change management across your organisation to us, guaranteeing quality resourcing, service standards and delivery outcomes across your project portfolio.

Change agility has never been higher on the agenda, with most executives expecting to implement key change management initiatives across their workforce as part of business-as-usual, in addition to project capital investments.

Given that business-critical functions and roles need to constantly adapt to industry and customer demands as well as support the current way of working, the need for effective and efficient change management infrastructure is more important than ever.

Our Change-as-a-Service model will establish, integrate, or enhance your internal change practice, commencing with the design and build of a tailored change management framework with supporting tools, processes and behaviour. We will uplift the value and functionality of your internal change practices and ensure that your changes stick and achieve their intended returns.

Blue Seed clients that have experienced our ‘Change-as-a-Service’ offering are not only delivering change more effectively, they are now in vastly improved positions strategically, with the proven change infrastructure and culture in place to execute their strategies.

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Solving change challenges

Multi-sector experience plus extensive technical knowledge, enabling change in heavily disrupted and high-growth industries

Expertise to successfully design, deliver, implement and sustain effective cultures and operating models for now and for the future

Exceptional end to end change management support for your organisational change portfolio, programs or projects

Outsource your change management function to our team of experts from design and build to ongoing run or transition

Inspire your people to thrive during change through change training, mentoring, coaching and advisory