Change Intelligent Teams

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Change is a constant in everyone’s life We believe that everybody within an organisation needs change capabilities, from Executives to front line teams to create a thriving business

Building high-performing, resilient teams who are curious, creative and accountable for delivery, is key to any successful business. Especially a changing one!

Our tailored program allows organisations to co-design this training session to encompass the topics most relevant to them.

Delivered in a practical and actionable three-hour session, it’s the ideal forum for powering up any team for improved collaboration and positive change mindsets.

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About the program

  • Who should attend

    People in organisations preparing for or experiencing change

  • Program delivery

    • 2-3 hour workshop
    • Virtual or face to face delivery
    • Tailored to your transformation agenda or change program
  • Participants (max)

    Up to 14 participants

  • Topics include

    • Change wisdom - change intelligence explained
    • The individual's role in organisational change
    • The emotions of the impact of change
    • Understanding the science of our responses to change
    • Tips and tools to make being a beneficiary of change less painful
    • Personal planning for change
  • Outcomes

    • Be empowered to take personal responsibility for choices during change
    • Recognise the signs of ineffective responses to change and choose proactive thinking and actions
    • Evaluate and re-frame change mindsets so they become beneficiaries of change, and flip out of 'change overload'
    • Gain practical tools and common language to regain control of their choices

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