Change Intelligent Teams

Change Intelligent Team Training

Change is everyone’s job. We believe that everybody within an organisation needs change capabilities, from Executives to front line teams.

A team is only as strong as its weakest link, so building high-performing, resilient teams who function in harmony, is key to any successful business. Especially a changing one!

Our tailored program allows organisations to co-design this training session to encompass the topics most relevant to them. Delivered in a practical and actionable three-hour session, it’s the ideal forum for powering up any team for improved collaboration and positive change mindsets.

High performing teams have clarity of purpose, form genuine relationships, and have strong communication and team alignment.

Our Change Intelligent Teams Training program will:

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    Awaken team members to personal responsibility of choice

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    Provide awareness, tools and techniques to make conscious change choices

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    Enable personal commitment to change-related action

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All teams involved in change, needing to shift perspectives and thrive in change

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Key learning outcomes and indicators of success

Upon completion team members will be able to:


Assume personal responsibility for their choices during change


Recognise the signs of ineffective responses to change and choose proactive thinking and actions


Evaluate and re-frame their change mindset so they become beneficiaries of change, and flip out of 'change overload'


Apply practical tools and common language to regain control of their choices

Participant take-aways

Master Class Workbook

  • Easy to apply reference tools and activities
  • Group and self-reflection notes

Personal and Team change action plan

with a commitment to take action

Fresh perspective on personal choice

Group and self reflection notes


“I will come again and conquer you, because as a mountain you can not grow, but as a human, I can.”


Available topics for the 2 to 3 hour master class

Change Wisdom (CQ) icebreaker and introductions

Change context

Experiential change activity

Normalise human responsiveness to change

Choosing to become a beneficiary of change

Personal change action plan

“I attended the program during a time of extreme change at work and really appreciated the practical tools I learnt from the Blue Seed Consulting Team.

It’s a great experiential journey which makes learning about change a really fun experience. I now know how to manage change within a simple framework and it certainly helped me lead my team effectively.

I highly recommend this program to all change makers out there. It gives you the confidence to successfully manage change in any scenario."

Head of NSW Banking Team, BOQ Specialist 

"In my personal opinion, the ‘change intelligence for change makers’ program includes the best one day workshop for leading change that I have seen to date. The presentations are engaging, informative and polished with high quality collateral and a focus on creating the right learning environment. From the moment that our participants walk into the room they feel excited and know that this will be a special learning experience.

The content is a nice mix of theory, practical tools and great change management models especially on change sustainability. There is also time for practical application and group discussion. The expert facilitators ensure that there is a safe environment to speak openly and candidly and it is incredible to see so many ‘aha moments’ due to these facilitated conversations.

Blue seed worked closely with us and tailored the course to the experience level of the participants so that it ‘hits the mark’ each time.”