Change Management as a Service

Change Management as a Service

Establish, integrate or enhance your internal change practices

The winners in business are those who can ‘out-change’ the competition while staying aligned to their customer’s needs.

You’re probably thinking and feeling that there is so much change going on, no one has visibility of all of it, and ‘we try to manage change well, but employees still complain or don’t latch on’.

Change agility has never been higher on the agenda. With the majority of executives (86%) expecting to implement more change initiatives now, the need for effective and efficient change management infrastructure is more important than ever.

Successful change management demands a deliberate and astute approach and many companies lack the essential framework to implement change successfully.

Our Change Management as a Service will establish, integrate or enhance your internal change practice, creating a ‘cohesive powerhouse’ for change to guide your business to a greater level of change capability and mobility.

From assessment to implementation we build a tailored Change Management Framework with supporting tools and behaviours, and train your teams to apply them and ensure they are fully integrated into day-to-day operations.

Establish, integrate or enhance your internal change practices

We will help you:

  • Design and implement a fit-for-purpose change management office (CMO), no matter how big or small
  • Develop a single-view-of-change for the entire portfolio, driving important business decisions
  • Assess organisational change maturity, make recommendations and help with implementation
  • Prepare your existing teams to apply new tools and practices
  • Onboard new teams to the framework and toolkit
  • Check to ensure that frameworks and tools are being used and are working effectively, course correcting as needed
  • Help generate a culture for change in a dynamic work environment where change as usual (CAU) is the new norm.

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“We started this initiative with a goal to minimise paperwork, process and linear thinking and what we have achieved is a light-touch change artefact that reflects the evolving thinking and building we go through. What is most exciting is that together we have produced materials that encourage collaboration, conversation and discipline - without burden. Your inputs and challenges have taken us on an expedition of questioning why we do things and what value they add. A great experience and invaluable output! Thank you.”

Change Portfolio Lead - Change Capability, Large Financial Institution