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Change is a critical organisational capability,

we can partner with you to build it faster, better and tailored to your business strategic goals.

Partnering with Blue Seed Consulting

We partner with customers and other services companies to deliver great outcomes for our clients and theirs. ​

Our approach to partnership is all about expanding opportunities and making life easier for our customers through change.

Whether you partner directly with us to help achieve your business goals by building a more change capable organisation, or indirectly, as a joint service provider for existing or new customers, you can expect us to engage you in broader opportunities and accelerate your ability to deliver B2C and B2B strategies through change.

We know that great partnerships yield great results for customers when the partners seamlessly blend their values, ways of working and remain focused on their shared purpose. At Blue Seed, when we partner, we nurture the partnership relationship through dedicated engagement and delivering what we promised, which serve to enhance the quality of our respective services and the experience of our clients.


System Integrators

Drive adoption of new systems and accelerate digital outcomes

Leaders developing enterprise change

Build organisational change capability

Support Project Management Offices

Excede your project delivery outcomes

Joint go to market opportunities

Provide change consulting for joint go to market initiatives

Melissa Brady2

Melissa Brady

Principal - Head of Strategic Alliances

I'm a strategic thinker with a pragmatic style that comes from my global technology and business consulting background. I have a deep understanding of human behaviour and digital enterprise change.

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