Why Choose Us ?

Why choose us?

We are a team of formally qualified Change Practitioners, who embody the spirit of Change Intelligence.

We share collective passion for the co-design, build, delivery and ultimate embedment of fit-for-purpose and practical business change solutions. We offer rich, diverse and rewarding Change Management expertise across multiple industries nationally and internationally.

Happily, we live our passion every day as part of the Blue Seed Consulting family.

Our Capability - your change intelligence partners

BRW-Fast-100-LogoAt Blue Seed Consulting we know that the people side of change is challenging and unpredictable and that each organisation and change program is unique. We are driven each day by opportunities to help teams secure the benefits from organisational change, transformation and cultural renewal. Our key areas of focus are culture, change capability build and practical change delivery.

We offer deep expertise in the field of leading organisational change. We call this Change Intelligence.

The change wisdom, curiosity and hands-on experience that Blue Seed bring to your change context means we can be entirely comfortable with not having predetermined models (and even outcomes!). We thrive in challenging environments, we hit the ground running at pace and we're great on simplifying complexity. We let the change tell its own story, and work with the art and science of change.

We are unique because our diagnosis, development and delivery of change for each client is bespoke. We offer smart solutions and deliver lasting results.

Change Intelligence comes to life through us and all our work

Change Discovery

You can expect us to:

  • Hit the ground running and be ‘hands on’
  • Work smartly and quickly with your whole system, and with change makers at all levels within your organisation
  • Help you secure the benefits from organisational change, transformation and cultural renewal, by applying measures of success upfront and tracking those relentlessly throughout the change cycle
  • Align leadership, management & teams to understanding change
  • Focus sharply on the ‘Top Team’ that will be driving and ultimately own every aspect of the business change – enabling and supporting them is a critical success factor for us.
  • Bring a proven track record, strong decision making and common sense to every problem and solution
  • Be entirely fit-for-purpose
  • Bring discipline while adopting flexible and rapidly collaborative approaches to define the path to success
  • Deliver practical experience combined with robust change management processes and techniques

Sustain Change

You can expect us to:

  • Support Leaders to lead change and build capability for your teams
  • Enable internal change management capability through coaching and mentoring, establishing change management practices with bespoke change frameworks, tools and training programs to build capability
  • Share our knowledge and support your teams through change
  • Offer tools that help leaders manage change from wherever they are standing
  • Embedd the change so that it becomes part of your day-to-day business, even after we finish our services and handover to your teams
  • Rapidly equip stakeholders with the skills & tools they need to promote and deliver change
  • Dramatically improve change awareness & engagement
  • Boost the effectiveness of existing change methodologies
  • Reduce external consultancy reliance and expenditure

Change Journey

You can expect us to:

  • Develop working partnerships with both project and business teams to co-design solutions
  • Deliver smart, practical and sustainable solutions to change challenges, based on a powerful blend of art and science
  • Mitigate people-related change risk
  • Draw upon a wide professional network of suppliers and resources
  • Flawlessly execute at all phases of the program lifecycle, with a team of highly regarded change management professionals at a competitive rate

At Blue Seed we are sowing the seeds of change every day.