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Change leadership development

Shift leader mindsets, skills and behaviours to lead the business beyond your current change or transformation, well into the future

Disruptive start-ups are often lauded as change-makers, sowing the seeds of a better future with an enticing vision and brand appeal for customers.

Meanwhile, the leaders of incumbent brands can be slow to respond, or, with much resistance they simply are not sure how to shift their mammoth organisations rapidly enough.

A transformation executive in a media client of ours once said,

“it’s like being stuck in quick-sand.”

Blue Seed helps leaders at all levels avoid falling victim to disruptors and smart competitors. Whether you are a CEO, general manager, middle manager or any other employee, we help you become a disrupter, a change maker, a change leader.

We enable leaders to create change-capable cultures, through the development of growth mindsets, lateral thinking, identifying new possibilities and change-intelligent decision-making about their operating model, technology and process improvement initiatives.

We also help your people get the basics right: communicating with clarity, context and care with their people through change; using analysis and insights to understand and manage the flow-on impacts of change; and driving effective team collaboration to mobilise.

Blue Seed knows how to develop your managers into change leaders.

Because change leaders create change-capable workforce cultures.

And change-capable cultures adapt quickly, reinvent effectively and thrive beyond the volatility of competitive forces and economic crises.

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Ready to go - leadership training programs

Inspire your people to thrive during change with tailored change leadership development solutions

We quickly assess, recommend and formulate fit-for-purpose plans for enhancing your organisation’s change capability and capacity through a variety of methods, including training, mentoring, coaching and advisory model.

  • Ready to go training programs for leaders and teams
  • Bespoke solutions for individual, small groups or teams

Solving change challenges

Multi-sector experience plus extensive technical knowledge, enabling change in heavily disrupted and high-growth industries

Expertise to successfully design, deliver, implement and sustain effective cultures and operating models for now and for the future

Exceptional end to end change management support for your organisational change portfolio, programs or projects

Outsource your change management function to our team of experts from design and build to ongoing run or transition

Inspire your people to thrive during change through change training, mentoring, coaching and advisory