Change Training

Building Change Capability

Successful change needs skilled leaders with the capacity and capability to create change from the inside.

We quickly assess, recommend and formulate fit-for-purpose plans for enhancing your organisation’s change capability and capacity through a variety of methods, including training.

Building in-house capability

Rather than creating dependency, we empower teams to dial up their capability through training on proven techniques and skills, to help them help themselves.

We don’t give you water, we show you how to build the well. We apply our deep change expertise to develop your change Leaders and your change Culture and Capability, with four targeted solutions.

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"The ‘Change Intelligence for Leaders’ training includes the best one day workshop for leading change that I have seen to date. The presentations are engaging and informative with high quality collateral and a focus on creating a special learning experience.

The content is a nice mix of theory, practical tools and great change management models especially on change sustainability. There is time for practical application, group discussion and a safe environment to speak openly with many ‘aha moments’ due to great facilitation!"